Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Relief Society Organization : An Important Part Of The Restoration

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints has been long restored. But what if no Relief Society has been organized? Could the church function and enjoy the love among members without the undying service of the sisters? One new member I met said, " My wife is a member of this church and I was not interested in joining her until I experienced the work they do. When I got sicked, sisters of the church kept coming to visit me with food and even helping my wife with chores. So I started to ask myself ...What on earth are these people doing for helping us at no cost? That was when I investigated and found what I was looking for, I'm so happy to be a member of this true church." How my heart rejoiced in knowing that the services we do in the Relief Society can also prepare the non members to listen and accept the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I, together with my family belong to a ward where there are different cultures and nationalities. But it is never a challenge communing with them, specially during the time spent on Relief Society. We always begin the meeting singing the hymn " Love One Another ". I love that short hymn, for it invites the Spirit and prepares our hearts as we listen and discuss the lesson for that Sabbath day. I can play that hymn on the piano slowly, while pondering some of my favorite scriptures or play it faster while my adrenaline pumps up to the tempo  digesting each word of the hymn. As part of our work on this organization is the Visiting Teaching we do monthly to our sisters. We visit them  to know their needs, to be of more help to ease their hardships and burdens. As I am planning to visit some sisters this month, I can't help but be grateful of Heavenly Father for inspiring the Prophet Joseph Smith in organizing us, LDS sisters. The Relief Society was formally organized by the Prophet on March 17, 1842. The Prophet then said " The Church was never perfectly organized until the women were thus organized."

Adele Ladjeman

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